nut-free chocolate truffles

IMG_6989We’ve had a rough few weeks due to my oldest being home sick with a terrible stomach bug that landed her in the ER last weekend.  She is now well, by the grace of God, and come to find out, she is more like her mama than even I knew.  It turns out that we both love to watch Food Network when we don’t feel well and dream about all of the things we will eat when our stomachs feel normal again.  She said she wished she could eat all of these at one time or another throughout the past week:  macaroons, whoopee pies, and cheese tortellini (she did finally have this).  Macaroons aren’t something I ever make because they require almond flour and my son has to avoid all tree nuts/peanuts, so those were definitely not going to happen.  Whoopee pies are something we all love, but thanks to watching a little Food Network today, we found a new recipe that required zero bake time and took all of 5 minutes to prepare!  The recipe we saw on “The Chew” actually had walnuts in it so we knew we couldn’t try those.  We went searching for a safe recipe for our house and about 30 seconds later, we found this gem!  And the best part is, THE KIDS LOVE THEM!  Another bonus is they have no refined sugar and the sweetness comes from dates, so they are the perfect snack for the “no sugar” fast!  Check out the recipe, whip up a batch, and have a great weekend!


 So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.
1 Corinthians 10:31

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